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While everyone has at least a small amount of competitive spirit and we all enjoy positive personal reinforcement, Photography is not a competitive sport. But since most of us involved in these classes do want to improve our work, it really does help to look at other photographers work in contrast to our own. And that’s the point of the Studio 315/ JRC Workshops photo group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2435878549999220 .

The Photo of the Week Contest gives everyone the same challenge and the winner is determined by the image with the most likes. The prize is your photo is posted as the cover image for the week and the positive comments of your fellow photographers. But the real value is being able to contrast your work next to a fairly diverse group of photographers. I really enjoy watching the people that post regularly continue to improve their personal work. And I highly recommend joining.

Below are the last 4 weekly winners:

Pam Anderson: 4-10-21 - Moving Water


Adam Flogstad: 4-3-21 – Birds


Ed Moss: 3-29-21 - Different Perspective


Dixie Brunn: 3-20-21 - Negative space


The last benefits that I’ll mention are that once you get involved, it encourages you to keep practicing. And you have a forum to interact with other photographers.

I hope to see more of you get involved!


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